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Basics makeover

Once reserved for celebrities, the Makeover is now available for you too. 
You will discover the style that will highlight your face makeup that will sublimate the color of your eyes and the shape of your mouth and the dress code appropriate to your figure and your personality.
Several steps are required:

The personal interview: A personal interview is required for a successful makeover. This is the analysis phase of your person. Does your image please? Does it match your personality? How would you be? ...

Diagnosis: This is the survey on your way of life, looking for your taste in hairstyle, makeup, colors and clothing

The study of the face: This study of the shape of the face will cause the haircut, the nature and style of makeup The color choice: He must marry the harmonious color of your hair, your eyes, your skin bring out your beauty and femininity

Makeup: This is the art of playing with brushes to soften or hide imperfections and enhance the softness of the look or the charm and sensuality of your lips and your mouth.

The hairstyle: The cut and styling will cope with your face shape and color of your eyes

The study of the silhouette and the choice of wardrobe: This step will allow to adjust according to your body, cut and style of clothing that suits you best. The accompanying photo shop and "after" are the latest steps.