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Les couleurs

To find the color you need Laura de Gianni uses the theory of four seasons, or color theory.

These are color schemes associated with different seasons of the year. This color theory was created in 1928 by a Swiss painter of the Bauhaus’current and adapted from the color wheel (created by Isaac Newton) which places the colors harmoniously on a circle and which has been used for centuries by the painters to associate harmoniously the colors. 

To simplify this theory, the colors of summer will be hot (red, yellow, orange) and the winter cold colors (blue, green). Autumn and spring are spread out in variants. The goal is to define what is your range of colors among the four seasons.

To do this, Laura de Gianni put around your face colored scarves to determine what are the colors that suit you best. From there, Laura de Gianni defines what is your ideal range. Allowing you to choose your clothes based on it.